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Internet Genius of Human Destiny
Ethics as Immortality based enhanced psychological internet genius with our collective Intent representing an accurate response to Survival as THE dna Artform Supreme.
Situationalism finds us all here to die with our unexplored coordinated synchronous life preserving technology activated (meaning lived) as the basis of an integrated international psychical response FORMALIZED as a single GOVERNMENT … to make our biologically based life permanent instead of temporary.

Shared Internet Genius is evolving to acquire all human intent to take on our base situational problem [MORTALITY] and create a common solution for all who live and those who are entering life anew.

Tenacios pervasive continuous basic evolving intention subsystems are integrating as the meta-mind intent into our common shared dna based evolving, repriorizing intentionality, our synergizing psychcial tsunami protocol. This is THE G.P.S. of metapsychicality. A VirtueBios software is appearing informally as the subtleties of our common thread dna inituitivising (improvising intuitively] is increasingly formalizing into conscious/metaconsciousness one meta-government activity and modality. We will stop asking people “HOW” they are because we will be causing it in place of using up and wasting time interrogating it. Do your part intuitively and clean your motivational resource to free up blocked will potentiality; this makes it experientially easy, natural and fun with a genius heart attitude synergized internetedly and socially every where you are becoming home. Sharing the Internet Genius aptitude and clarity phenomenon!

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